“The World is my Home – The Life of Paul Robeson”

This is the number one Broadway style solo show on the U.S. and Caribbean College circuit, Theater Festivals & US Embassy’s.

Using Theater as a vehicle for Social Change. This show about the triumph and tragedy of this mistreated American genius not only promotes diversity, brotherhood, tolerance and education; but challenges us to examine the notion that “If we accept the Fatherhood of God; then we must accept the Brotherhood of Man.”

Powerful & poignant, entertaining & educational, heartfelt & humorous, the show celebrates our common Humanity, as Robeson fights globally for Social Justice for Blacks, Jews, Welsh & Spanish workers. From the horrors of the Slave Trade, to the shame of the Holocaust. From the artistic wonders of the Harlem Renaissance, the Jazz- Bebop era, To McCarthyism, Blacklists, Racism & Lynching.

Robeson shows us that in spite of our differences; we still have more in common than we do in conflict. This show and the lively Q&A that follows; like Robeson’s life; serves as a Cultural Ambassador inspiring us to greater understanding, achievements and a more noble life.

“Robeson paid the price for leading from the front. This descendant of rebellious slaves, who graduated Valedictorian in 1919 from Rutgers U and got a Law Degree from Columbia. An All-American Football player who played in early NFL, was later blackballed, had his passport revoked. He stood tall and took the blows for those of us too handicapped by ignorance or subdued by tyranny. For those who arrived in Shackles and on bloody feet, surviving the nightmare so that others could live the dream. Paul Robeson was a symbol of our developing manhood; armed with nothing more than the strength of his convictions and his vision of a world where men live as brothers. For this passionate flawed, misunderstood genius. His Message was his Life. The goal of the play is to awaken a new generation so that the lost brilliance of Robeson doesn’t remain lost. To let all people know; that the best of Paul Robeson lives in all of you & with it the power to change the World. “

~ Stogie Amir Kenyatta, Writer / Artist