As part of our mission to facilitate and preserve all forms of artistic expression in Cayman, the Cultural Foundation awards financial grants to individuals, groups and organizations to help further development, to assist in bringing a worthy project to fruition, or in some cases to support an ongoing project or programme. The CNCF grants and award committee reviews the applications to determine if the application has merit and decides if the dollar amount applied for should be granted, or granted in a reduced amount. The committee members are Board Members Lorna Reid and Morgan DaCosta, and Mary Anne Kosa. Each term committee members are joined by experienced members from the Cayman Islands arts community, depending on the range of applicants. CNCF has awarded grants for training, productions, publications, attendance at festivals and special projects.

financial grants

Grants for the Arts

Standard conditions for grants when receiving funds from the CNCF:

You will acknowledge the support of the CNCF whenever feasible – that is to say, in all printed materials, public performances and/or events, media releases and interviews and you will include the following statement in all publications and printed materials funded by the CNCF: Made possible with a grant from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

You will complete an Activity Report Form at the end of eah term and submit a schedule of the activities for the following term. Please note that failure to complete and submit the form may result in exclusion from future grant consideration.

You will provide us, when asked, with images and audiovisual materials that we can use to celebrate artistic achievement. You will also allow the CNCF to publish information relating to the activity we have funded. This may include, but may not be limited to, images, video, press release, grant amounts and upcoming events.