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Young Image Makers®


Young Image Makers® (YIM) is a Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) youth filmmaking programme. YIM consists of an Introduction to Filmmaking Workshop, a short film competition, and a film screening gala and awards ceremony.

YIM Workshops and competition are open to students in the Cayman Islands 10 – 17 years of age. Students are divided into two age groups: Juniors (10 – 13) and Seniors (14 – 17). The YIM Introduction to Filmmaking Workshop (8 -12 April 2017) provides basic training for students interested in telling stories using moving images; the sessions cover various aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. The workshop is free and open to any student interested in participating. The workshop is mandatory for any student wishing to enter the YIM Short Film Competition.


10 students who receive the highest scores in the Introduction to Filmmaking workshop will be invited to enter the YIM Short Film Competition. For a chance to win the Grand Prize - attendance at a one-week filmmaking summer camp, at the New York Film Academy in New York City in August 2017 - students must complete each session of the Introduction to Filmmaking Workshop and indicate their interest to enter the competition below. Full rules and regulations for the YIM Competition will be released at the YIM Filmmaking Workshop.  

Registration is now closed, the programme is at capacity.

For more information email [email protected] 

To reach someone by phone, call the CNCF offices on 949-5477

2016 Young Image Grand Prize Winner(s)


Ethan Spencer (pictured above in New York City) won in the junior category for his short film Dinosaur Rage. The stop motion film, featuring Lego figures, tells the story of one man’s attempt to save the day when a velociraptor eats a dinosaur egg and turns into a T-Rex. Ethan is no stranger to creating films. The 10 year old has been making video since he was five years old, and has a YouTube channel that features him and his younger siblings cooking, crafting and playing. 

Grace Ruby took home two prizes, one for the senior category with her film Crossroads, which illustrates the different paths a teenager can take, and the important of making the right choice. She clinches the top honours in the “Cayman Through My Eyes Video Challenge”. After winning the award Miss Ruby excitedly said “I’m over the moon. This is what I want to do when I older and to win an award for it, it makes me very certain for my future.”


Check out a YIM Grand Prize Winner's Story

Lorena’s trip to the NY Film Academy

(One Week Digital Film Summer Camp)

We stayed at the Millennium United Nations Hotel in the UN plaza which is adjacent the United Nations Building.  The hotel was about four blocks from Grand Central, so each day we took the subway to school and of course, got very familiar with Grand Central. The view from our hotel (38th floor) was of the East River, the Twin Towers (Ground Zero), The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building and the United Nations Plaza.  The weekend before classes, we visited the Museum of Natural History, took a pedi-tour of Central Park, visited the New York Public Library, went to Ground Zero (Twin Towers)and Wall Street (New York Stock Exchange), took the Ferry to Liberty Island to visit the Statue of Liberty and did Double Decker Tour bus around Uptown Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge and Soho Village in the Meatpacking District.  We also visited Battery Park, spent an evening in Times Square, spent time at the Wax Museum and the Empire State Bldg (we didn’t get to do the observatory tour).  
The building where the [New York Film Academy’s] film camp was held was located across from Battery Park, next to Wall Street in the Financial District.  I absolutely enjoyed the summer camp, met new friends and learned a lot about the film industry.  The teacher talked about the different sorts of positions and titles in the film industry such as screenwriter, editor, producer, assistants, managers, etc.  As part of the course, each student was given 2 ½ hours to shoot a non-dialogue short film in the city and 2 ½ hours to edit and produce a final copy for the teacher.  I was chosen to act in two of my friend’s films on Wednesday, and on Thursday, it was my turn to choose actors (classmates) and shoot and produce my own movie within the time limit.  I was also invited and encouraged to apply for an internship next summer in California.  Graduation was on Friday at 3:30p.m., and our films were screened for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks to everyone at CNCF, especially Rita, for organizing and making this trip possible.  Thanks to the Cayman Islands Film Commission and Cayman Airways for sponsoring the tuition, accommodation and airline ticket, and to Mrs. Husemann at Triple ‘C’ School for introducing me to the YIM competition.  This was a wonderful experience!



The CAYMAN NATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION (CNCF) reserves the right to: disqualify any entrant and/or withdraw any submitted video that is in breach of these rules and conditions and/or which, in the opinion of CNCF, may bring it and/or the Cayman Islands into disrepute, as well as refuse work that has already been entered in previous competitions.  CNCF will retain the video material and/or digital images of the winning video and use them, as necessary, for educational, promotional and display purposes, with credit given to the student.  All video material must: be the work of the entrants; be shot in the Cayman Islands; and not violate the laws of the Cayman Islands.  Video may be shot with cellular phones with video capabilities and standard handheld home movie cameras.  No PowerPoint submissions will be accepted and still images are to be used minimally.  Permission to use copyrighted material must be sought and obtained, and the source/s or artist/s creditedCNCF is not responsible for any infringement of copyright whether intended or not.  Dates are subject to change.  Winners must use prizes within one year of being awarded.  CNCF is not res
Young Image Makers


CLICK HERE to see the 2016 films that made it to the finals!


Thank you to:

CI DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, DCI CAYMAN, MINISTRY OF DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION, CAYFILM and CAYMAN AIRWAYS for sponsoring the YIM 2016 Short Film Competition.  If you would like to be a YIM sponsor, please CLICK HERE.


Young Image Makers
Young Image Makers
Young Image Makers