The CNCF Research Library

The Cultural Foundation has a small reference library that is open to the public. The library includes a Cayman Collection and Caribbean Collection of various works such as fiction, plays and children’s books. The library also has a wider collection of all types of literature. There are also audio and video recordings, which include the music of the late Radley Gourzong and other Caymanian musicians. Video recordings of CNCF productions are also available.

As this is a reference library, all material must be viewed at the library, which is located in the CNCF offices at the F. J. Harquail Cultural Centre, 17 Harquail Drive, second floor of the Harquail Studio Building.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Opening hours? 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays. It’s advisable to call a day or so in advance to request an appointment to come in and view the materials of particular interest.

Who can access? Do I need a membership card? Any member of the public who is legally resident in the Cayman Islands. Visitors may also browse the library. No membership card is required but you must provide your contact information.

What do I do if I would like to add my book to the library? Book donations are always appreciated. Just drop off the book at the CNCF Office with your contact information.

What kinds of books are accessible? There is a small Cayman Collection, Caribbean Collection and General Fiction and Non-fiction Collection. In addition, there are audio visuals of CNCF Programmes and Events and some commercial videos, DVDs and CDs. View the card catalogue for a complete listing of all processed materials.

May I take the books home? As the CNCF Library is a research library and not a lending library, materials must be used in the CNCF Office. On special request, permission may be granted to take some limited materials home for a two week period.

May I purchase any of the books? CNCF publishes an arts and culture journal as well as books by local authors. Visit our SHOP to see what books are for sale and to make a purchase.


Click here to access our library card catalog

For more information, email [email protected] or call 949-5477.