Foundation Journal

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation publishes the Foundation Journal periodically. Articles centre around arts and culture in the Cayman Islands and cover a variety of noteworthy topics and events. Our upcoming Foundation Journal will focus on the Sister Islands and will be published early next year. All Journal publications are sold for the modest price of $12 - $15 and are available from the CNCF Shop.


Foundation Journal Vol. 4  On Sale Now: $15

We are excited to announce that the new Foundation Journal is now available for purchase through CNCF, and will also be available in bookstores across the Cayman Islands beginning in April.  We are grateful to Appleby for seeing the value in supporting this publication which is a valuable research tool and record for generations to come.  We look forward getting it out to all local schools and the library here in Cayman in 2016.  

Bryan Hunter, Managing Partner, Appleby (Cayman) noted: “Education – particularly relating to the history and culture of the Cayman Islands – is especially important to Appleby and we are delighted to reinstate the Foundations journal, which will be an essential reference tool available for use in social studies and history classes in all local primary, secondary and tertiary schools.”

Other Foundation Journals

 Foundation Journal Vol. 1 No.1 $12 The first ever Foundation Journal was published in September of 2001. The publication of this journal was made possible through sponsorship from Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Limited and contains the following:

Notes in search of Harmony | Leonard Dilbert

The Caribbean’s Creative Diversity – the Defining Point of the Region’s History | Professor Rex Nettleford

The Role of Education in the Transmission of Culture in the Cayman Islands | Mary Ebanks - Rodrigues

Why Cultures Are | Dave Martins

Development, Myth and History | Philip Pedley

Caribbean Underwater Heritage in the Year 2001 | Margaret Leshikar Denton

The Caymanian Cottage | Sonia Carlesso – Ebanks

Treasures | Arthurlyn Pedley talks with “Aunt” Julia Hydes

Art Gallery | Introducing: Luellean Bodden, Intuitive, Works from CNCF/Butterfield Children’s Residency, Poetry: Nasaria Suckoo, Short Story: Shane Aquart

Profiles of Major Cultural Organizations | Cayman National Culture Foundation, Cayman National Museum, National Trust for the Cayman Islands, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

Foundation Journal Vol. 1 No. 2 $12

Vol.1 No.2 was published in July of 2002. The publication of this journal was made possible through sponsorship from Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Limited and contains the following:

The Booby Pond Nature Reserve, Little Cayman’s Warring Seabirds | Fred Burton

Pedro St. James, A Treasure in Waiting | Dave Martins

Plaiting Styles of Traditional Thatch Baskets | Debra Barnes-Tabora, Illustrated by John Doak, RIBA

Treasures | Heather McLaughlin speaks with Radley Gourzong

An Analysis of the Nature of Collecting | The Joseph Collections of Charles Long by Nancy Kirkaldy-Barnard

Henry Muttoo speaks with Bendel Hydes

Henry Muttoo speaks with Roy Bodden | Minister of Education, Human Resources and Culture

Short Story, Something Stronger Than the Scent of a Woman | Charles D. Bush

Poetry Love Affair, with Bug and The Shadow Knows | Lenard Dilbert

Unquenchable Worlds | Alta Solomon

One Kiss & The Dark of Night | Lolita Esteban

Profiles | Cayman National Archive

Article | Visual Arts Society of the Cayman Islands

Foundation Journal Vol. 2 No. 1 $12

Vol.2 No.1 was published in November of 2003. The publication of this journal was made possible through sponsorship from Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Limited and contains the following:

From Quincentennial Celebrations Project Executive Director | Angela Martins

Granny Back Yard | Traditional Enactments (Transcript) Produced by CNCF

Multiculturalism, the Arts, and Nation-Building | Rex M. Nettleford

Quincentennial Perspective on the Common Law Inheritance of the Cayman Islands and Aspects of the West India Regiments | Brian L. Kieran

They Were Caymanians Too | Charles D. Bush

The Cayman Turtle Schooner | H.E. Ross

Teaching Students an Environmental Code of Ethics | Martin A. Keeley

Engaging with the Word | Leonard A. Dilbert

The Making of Dance Unlimited | Lorna Reid

Celebrating Caymanian Art: The McCoy Prize | Natalie Coleman

Creating the Quincentennial Wall of History | Reflections by artist John Broad

A Piece in Time, Artifacts in the Museum Collection | Deborah Barnes-Tabora

Cayman Islands National Museum: Discover Our Maritime Heritage | Peggy Lashikar-Denton and Della Scott-Ireton

Looking Back on 25 Years of Visual Arts | Natalie Coleman

The CNCF/Bank of Butterfield Partnership for the Arts | A photo album

Getting the Message Out | Gordon Solomon, Randy Chollette, Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, Lenard Dilbert, Nicola Kramer, Will Jackson, Clive Christian, Joan Wilson, Virginia Foster and Charles Bush

Foundation Journal Vol. 3 $12

Vol.3 was published in March of 2006 and contains the following:

Henry Muttoo speaks with Caymanian visionary intuitive artist Gladwyn K. Bush | Editing transcript of the final interview given by “Miss Lassie” on her 87th Birthday

Henry Muttoo speaks with actor, playwright and broadcaster Quincy Brown

Rita Estevanovich talks with artist Nickola McCoy

Rita Estevanovich talks with artist and sculptor Al Ebanks

Rita Estevanovich talks with artist and sculptor Horacio Esteban

Henry Muttoo speaks with film director and screenwriter Frank Flowers Jr.

Henry Muttoo speaks with actress and poet Rita Estevanovich

LeRoy Clark, A unique blueprint for life | Rudolph Brandt

Cayman and the West Indies Federation, The Role of Ormond Panton | David Martins

Consider the Source, Historiography and the History of the Cayman Islands | Dr. Phillip Pedley

The Way It Was, A Short Story | Charles D. Bush

Photo Album, Dance Cayman! – A New Initiative