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Arts & Culture Awards.  

NOMINATIONS are now open for the 2017/18 Arts & Culture Awards Click Here for the Online Form 

Since 1990, the National Arts and Culture Awards have recognised those who attain a level of merit in their artistic discipline, contribute to the arts, culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands and support the work of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation. 

Awards are also presented for Volunteer of the Year, Sponsor of the Year and the Chairman’s Award for outstanding long-term support of CNCF’s work.  In 2016, the Visionary Award was introduced by Programmes Manager Patrice Beersingh, inspired by Dr. Henry Muttoo.  It is a peer award given to one outstanding awardee.  The metal and stone design is a collaboration between Dr. Henry Muttoo and Caymanian sculptor Horacio Esteban.

Each year there is a call for nominations from both the general public and from cultural organisations. Nominations open in March each year following the National Arts and Culture Awards ceremony and close in September. These organisations submit nominations for the CNCF Star for Creativity in the Arts in their particular disciplines. The general public makes nominations for the CNCF Heritage Cross.  Posthumous nominations will be considered.  To view past Arts & Culture Awards winners, click the link at the bottom of the page.  

The CNCF’s Grants and Awards Committee reviews the nominations and selects the award recipients. CNCF Board Member, Morgan DaCosta, chairs the committee. The other members of the committee are CNCF Board Member, Lorna Reid, and Mary Anne Kosa and Jason Gilbert. The committee reserves the right not to present an award if no nominee satisfies the criteria.



Nancy Jean Barnard nee Kirkaldy 

Reba Dilbert 

Doren Miller (Posthumously 1925-2002)


Chris Christian 

Beulah Lurlene McLean


                  Saskia Edwards                       




John Broad 

Sheree Ebanks

Chris Mann

Avril Ward 


Sarah McDougall 

Janelle Tibbetts


Alejandro Angel 

Josh 'Josh Pearl' Hydes 




Visionary Award

Horacio Esteban



Sponsor of the Year


Volunteers of the Year

Winston Salmon

Chairman’s Award

Lorna Reid


Submit your nomination(s) for the 24th Annual CNCF Heritage Cross Award either by post to: National Arts & Culture Awards, PO Box 30201, Grand Cayman KY1-1201, CAYMAN ISLANDS or by email to: [email protected] For more information on the Arts & Culture Awards call CNCF on 949 5477.

To view 2012/2013 Winners click HERE

To view past awardees by surname click HERE

To view past awardees from the Sister Islands click HERE



The National Arts & Culture Awards were updated in eligibility requirements and the physical award. What were previously the Cultural Heritage Lifetime Achievement Award (Radley Gourzong Award) and Cultural Heritage Award are now the CNCF Heritage Cross Medal. The awards previously given for artistic endeavour, achievement and excellence are now The CNCF Star for Creativity in the Arts Medal. Each medal has gold, silver and bronze divisions. CNCF Artistic Director Dr. Henry Muttoo designed both awards.


Arts Awards

Make A Nomination

Nominations accepted February 29 - September 30, 2016.

Download a nomination form HERE

If you would like to make a nomination for the CNCF Heritage Cross Award submit your nomination form either by post to: Arts & Culture Award, PO Box 30201, Grand Cayman KY1-1201, CAYMAN ISLANDS or by email to [email protected]


Excellence Distinction Merit Joy Brandon/Chairman
Cayman Youth Theatre CBHS M1 Students George Ebanks Leslie Bigelman
Joy Brandon Dean Ron Martin Carmel Christie  
Excellence Distinction Merit Heritage Joy Brandon/Chairman
Frank McField Dance Unlimited Cayman National Choir Aunt Sookie & Company Dave Martins
    Dean Ron Martin Radley Gourzong & The Happy Boys  
      Sauel Osbert "Bertie" Ebanks  
      Julia Hydes  
      Phoebe Spence  
      Laten "Duxey" Ebanks  
Excellence Distinction Merit Heritage
J.G.H.S Yr 5 Drama CBHS Yr 10 Students Dean Ron Martin Gladwyn K. Bush
Eve Flowers David Conolly Tony Martins Capt. Keith Tibbetts
Donna Tull Corine Soloman   Dr. Mel McCoy
      Marion Corable Watler
      Alda Ebanks
      Marcerita Bodden
Creativity Heritage Joy Brandon
Stephnie Williams Edmund Scott Oswell Rankin
Molly Farrell E.E. Quan. Dancers  
Corine Soloman Harold Banks  
  ED Oliver  
  Edna Harrison  
  Phyllis Smith  
Creativity Radley Joy Brandon
Rudy Myles Herbert Martin Martin Bould
Harwell McCoy Jr    
Lambery "Lammy" Seymour    
Joanne Sibley    
Janet Walker    
Exellance Creativity Heritage Radley Joy Brandon
Bendel Hydes Dance Unlimited Ira Walton Lambert Seymour Anita Ebanks
  Consuelo Ebanks      
  Chris Mann      
Creativity Heritage Radley Joy Brandon
CMX 5 Nolan Foster Roy Bodden Consuelo Ebanks
John Doak Will Jackson Jacob McLaughlin  
David Conolly      
Alan Ebanks      
Tony Rowlands      
Creativity Heritage Radley Joy Brandon
Andy Martin Lemuel Bodden David Martins C.U.C. Major Sponsor
Lorna Reid Harwell McCoy Snr.    
  Ira Thompson    
Exellance Creativity Heritage Radley Joy Brandon
Glaldwyn K. Bush MBE Jackie Balls Leathan Martin George Nowak Wendy Ann George
  Reba Dilbert Ferdinand Seymour Debbie van der Bol  
  Irving Hernandez      
Artistic Achievement Artistic Endeavour Heritage
Charles Long Charles Bush Heather McLaughin
Earl LaPierre Horacio Estaban Tenson Scott
Patrick Broderick J. Frank Flowers Jr. Carmen Conolly
  Patrice Donalds Vernicia Watler
    C.I. Seafarers Assoc.
Artistic Excellence Artistic Achievement Artistic Endeavour Heritage Joy Brandon
Bendel K. Passman Al Ebanks Nasaria Suckoo Chollette Marvelle McLaughlin Bank of Butterfield Int, Ltd.
  Charles Gregory Luelan Bodden Eileen McLaughlin  
      Miriam Muirhead  
Artistic Achievement Artistic Endeavour Heritage Radley
Mitchell Ebanks Quincy Brown Annilee Ebanks Cayman National Choir
  Nickola McCoy Cay Maritime Heritage Fdn  
  Gordon Solomon    
Artistic Excellence Artistic Achievement Artistic Endeavour Heritage Radley Joy Brandon
Cayman Drama Society Melvin Augustine Cynthia Arie Coleen Gibson Pirates Week Cable & Wireless Limited
Leonard Dilbert Dr. Curtis Barnett Randy Chollette Septimore Scott Stephanie Williams Morgan Da Costa
Horacio Esteban David Bridgeman Jessica Eden Valda Watson    
Frankie Flowers John Broad Vanessa Hansen      
Lorna Reid Mitzie Callan Nicholas Johnson      
Harold "Howie" Tipton Frances McConvey Susan Barnes Pereira      
Donna Tull-Cox Mark Frazer Dr. Stephen Pickering      
    Gabrielle Wheaton      
Hurricane Ivan
Artistic Endeavour Chairman's Award Corporate Sponsors Volunteer of the Year
Rose May Ebanks Gaston Maloney Ritz-Carlton Paul Samuels
Artistic Excellence Artistic Achievement Merit Heritage Radley Chairman Coprporate Sponsors Volunteer of the Year
Gray Ebanks Nasaria Suckoo Chollette Chales Anderson Debra Barnes-Tabora Linton Tibbetts Leroy Holness Dart Realty/Camana Bay Linda Appelqvist
  Rita Estevanovich Vinette Glidden Swanky   Alan Ebanks    
      Patricia Whittington        
Heritage Cross Star for Creativity Volunteer of the Year Chairman's Award Sponsor of the Year
Dave Martins Alan Ebanks Sonia Bodden Kemball Dance Unlimited The Phoenix Group
Edmund Scott Bendel Hydes     A.L. Thompson's
Frank McField Charles Glidden      
Helen Harquail Consuelo Ebanks      
Henry Muttoo Carlyle Ebanks      
Martyn C.W. Bould Daphane Orrett      
Arthurlyn Pedley Geoff Cresswell      
Cardinall DaCosta Harwell McCoy      
Dalmain Ebanks Leroy Holness      
  Tony Rowlands      
  Herbie Martin      
  Donna Reid      
  Georgia Isaacs      
  Morgan DaCosta      
  Fritz McPherson      
  Gordon Soloman      
  Junior Jennings      
Heritage Cross Star for Creativity Volunteer of the Year Chairman's Award Sponsor of the Year
Julia Hydes Luelan Bodden Alberto Estevanovich Alan Veeran Cayman Islands Film Commission
Elridge Montgomery Albert Ebanks Natalie Urquhart   Government Information Service  
Earl LaPierre        
Marcia Muttoo        
Bodden Town Heritage Committee        
Anne Goulden        
Marie Martin        
Samson&Mary McCoy        
Raymond Scott        
Burnard Tibbetts        
Beatrice Dilbert        
Rita Estevanovich        
Heritage Cross Star for Creativity Volunteer of the Year Chairman's Award Sponsor of the Year
Carmen Conolly Virginia Foster Winston Salmon Radio Cayman Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
Alvin McLaughlin Rosalind Ebanks      
William Banker Rose May Ebanks      
  Qunicy Brown      
  Leathan Martin      
  Michael McLaughlin      
  Simone Scott      
  Mona-Lisa Tatum Watler      
Arts Awards
Arts Awards
Arts Awards